Technology and IT Services



Technology & IT Services


J&J is proud to offer a wide range of Technology and IT services. We make every effort to stay as an industry leader and to be on the cutting edge of technology.


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  • Full range of EDI capabilies
  • XLS, CSV, XML, fixed postion flat-file, tab delimited
  • 940/945 (retailer distribution)
  • UCC-128 Labeling


Logistics/Warehouse Computer Management Systems


Our proprietary system has been completely rebuilt to utilize all of todays newest technologies. Our back-end database is cutting edge and our front-end user interface is intuitive and user friendly. This enables us to quickly and accurately collect/report data and for our customer service to have everything they need only a click away.


Barcode Scanning


Our proprietary barcode scanning system has been developed (in partnership with Global Bay Mobile Technology) to track an order from receipt to delivery. Our system collects all data in real time. This means the moment an order is scanned at delivery (or at any point) the data is instantly sent back to our system.



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Online Customer Order Tracking


Via JJ Tracker our customers can track their order progress with just a few clicks. This user friendly web interface is directly connected to our main systems to provide real-time data.


Online Business Partner Order Tracking


Our business partners can also utilize JJ Tracker to enable their cutomer service with real-time data and answers. This connection is secure and fitered for each business partner.


Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.) Image Scanning


All pod's are scanned into our system which then can be sent by our customer service right from there desk.



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